The Noise

There’s no doubt ChatGPT is changing the world the same way iPhone changed taking pictures or the internet changed sharing information.

But what does that mean for us as creators? Within 10 minutes, you can rewrite an email, build a pitch or write a mediocre sequel to Harry Potter.

These tools only increase the world even further with tons of mediocre content. Now more than ever: mundane work will get lost in the noise, and the world doesn’t need another second-rate book.

Humans desire for real stories, authentic connections, and to feel deeper. The beauty of originality, crafting words, and painting sentences is now only more important as it becomes rare.

Noise doesn’t compete with art.


The Paradox of Less Stress

Daniel Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard, observed this interesting phenomenon called the “region-beta paradox”. The story comes from someone who makes it a habit

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Walk like a cow.

Cows can walk upstairs but not downstairs.  See their knees do not bend in a way that gives them the ability to walk downstairs.   A

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