Secret Sauce.

Every chef has a secret sauce.

Certain complementary spices blend together to provide a new flavor, and one thing is for sure—it’s too good be shared with mediocre chefs of less talent.

Everyone has skeletons in their closet.

A few rusty bones or a couple dead bodies. 

The smell is loathsome, and one thing is for sure—the fear of rejection in this closet is so strong you almost never let anybody in.

Every country is like a chapter.

196 chapters, maybe a million pages, and one thing is for sure—there’s still so much more out there.

Everybody has that love story.

The first time you met, the first time you kissed, and how the engagement happened; one thing is for sure—these stories will be told over and over again.

Every entrepreneur feels like they’re skydiving.

There’s the scare, the thrill, the passion, the fear of death, and the parachute that redeems your existence.

Everybody’s everybody is everything’s something.We need sleep, food, but most of all we need each other.

Every pencil, pen, or paintbrush has a desire to be used; however, one thing is for sure—a pencil never changed the world, but many writers have.

Words in themselves never stirred revolution, but a passionate individual sharing the insight of their heart can make a nation fall to its knees.

A skeleton closet closed to intimate relationship is a recipe for something that’s nothing but shallow.

Someone who hasn’t traveled is still stuck on Chapter 1. A love story that’s not worth sharing is not a love story at all.

An entrepreneur who doesn’t take risks is a glorified businessman.

So tell me:

What is acceptance without the risk of rejection? What is love without the risk of pain? What is trust without the risk of betrayal? What is risk if there’s no real danger at all? How does a journey begin without action? How do you love deeply without being vulnerable? How is it exclusive if it’s for everyone? How do you win without facing defeat? What’s a secret that is shared? What’s a promise that’s not kept? What is a gift that’s not cherished? What’s food if it’s not delicious? Why do we love if it’s not deeply? Why do we give if it’s not sacrificial? Why be present if we’re not in the moment? Why do we do anything if it’s not with everything? What’s a breath without life?

Remember, dying is easy.

Living is hard.

Live life to the fullest, live in the moment, remember the past, enjoy the present, and know what to plan for the future.


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