When you get a dog, you name it.

When you have a product, service or brand, the most important decision you will ever make is naming it.

In order for us to give meaning to a printed word, we translate it into a sound.

When you use the same words as your competitors, you sound the same.

Often, companies seek to grow their percentage of an existing marketshare.

They do this by using generic words that will appeal to a wide audience.

The best brands instead, create new category with their own names.

General Auto Parts Store is a bad name.

AutoZone is a good name.

Luxury Car Company is a bad name.

Lexus is good name. is a bad name.

Google is a good name.

General Video Rental is a bad name.

Blockbuster was actually, a great name.

In the past people wanted big names to cover large areas of services, things, values and territories.

Now people don’t want a General, American, International, or Standard.

They want a Starbucks, an Uber, a Kleenex and a Subway.

So Google it, Tweet it, Like it, but your name… will they remember it?

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