Elephant Rope

Elephant Rope.

The limitations of the  largest land animal, elephants, are profoundly similar to ours.

They’re smart, extremely strong, and almost define the word “greatness”.

Yet just a small rope on a single leg can immobilize a 7 ton elephant.

Such a small thread to such a large beast.

How does such an intelligent large creature get held by such a minimal obstacle?

It’s obvious the elephant has the potential to break away at any moment.

When the elephant was young the trainer used a rope to tie the elephant down. The elephant must have fought, but because of its lack of strength the elephant gave up.

It was conditioned to believe it didn’t have the potential to breakaway.

The same animal that is clever enough to peels bananas with its trunk is held captive by a tiny rope.

And we’re not much different.

Whether we’re living paycheck to paycheck, enduring an unhealthy relationship, or being enslaved to a 9-5 job we have these false beliefs that hold us down.

Elephant ropes hold us down from our true potential and lower our ask from life.

– JL

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