You lost.

The bet.

The race.

The game.

But you know what’s worse than losing the bet, race or game?

Losing your ambition.

Your drive.

Your fight.

Fighting for survival is better than drifting.

What’s at stake becomes clear when you’re drowning.

A fight for breath is an all-in, life or death approach.

You know what’s worse than fighting for your life?


Life can pull you, tug you, and slowly you find yourself drifting into an abyss.

The shoreline soon becomes almost out of site.  

The purpose is faded.

The rules are unclear.

The fight is no longer worth the cause.

So what do you do?

You point at the days when you were ambitious.

The drive that others envied.

The fight that showed others that they too have a reason to fight.

You may ask yourself, what happened?

Thinking about what should be done differently is asking for regret.

You can’t redo the past.

But you know what you can redo?


Over and over and over again.

Remember, a raft without a purpose is merely driftwood.

So if you could redo tomorrow, would you?


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