Williams Sr. was a soap manufacturer, his son Junior helped sell the soap in baskets in the streets of Philly. In 1891, Will left Philadelphia and started his own business in Chicago selling his father’s soap. Trying to upsell to his customers he offered “Premiums” gifts and gave baking powder in Chicago.

It turned out, people loved baking powder more than his father’s soap! So he followed the opportunity and changed his business to sell baking powder. As an incentive to build customer’s loyalty he gave away 2 chewing gums for every can of baking powder.

It turned out, people loved the chewing gum more than the baking soda! Once he realized the opportunity, he changed everything and centered his entire business based around these chewy treats.

It turned out, that William Wrigley Jr., during the economic depression of 1893, made Wrigley’s Spearmint® and Juicy Fruit® a nationally recognized brand. Mr. Wrigley is responsible for adding the popular mint and fruit extracts to chewing gum.

Did you know that Chameleon have a 360-degree eye site vision?

They can see two directions in the same time! It’s no wonder they can adapt quickly.

– JL

The Paradox of Less Stress

Daniel Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard, observed this interesting phenomenon called the “region-beta paradox”. The story comes from someone who makes it a habit

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Walk like a cow.

Cows can walk upstairs but not downstairs.  See their knees do not bend in a way that gives them the ability to walk downstairs.   A

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