Profits against Humanity.

Mission driven brands often aim to improve the world by addressing a specific human problem. They craft a vision, gather people and set up a sustainable system where those involved are paid for their contribution. Over time the original vision may become less important because the focus shifts to growing revenue at its expense. This […]

Loudest vs the most important.

Like an old American Proverb “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”  shows that it’s oftentimes the loudest problems that get the most attention. It’s likely that the loudest problems and the most important ones are not the same. For example: There’s no correlation to the amount of money raised and lethality.   Please see infographic below.

The Paradox of Less Stress

Daniel Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard, observed this interesting phenomenon called the “region-beta paradox”. The story comes from someone who makes it a habit to walk to places within a mile away and bike to areas that are further in the distance.As a result, places that are closer or easier to get to take […]

Walk like a cow.

Cows can walk upstairs but not downstairs.  See their knees do not bend in a way that gives them the ability to walk downstairs.   A cow doesn’t say it will walk down the steps on the following exceptions; lack of inspiration, low budget, tight deadlines or etc… Cows will not lower their standards and neither […]


The gap between amateurs and professionals used to be a giant leap. Amazing work is no longer just created in a Manhattan skyscraper. 500 dollars can get you a laptop with professional software to write, draw and edit. A bad worker blames his tools. A great worker talks about his passion. – JL

The Noise

There’s no doubt ChatGPT is changing the world the same way iPhone changed taking pictures or the internet changed sharing information. But what does that mean for us as creators? Within 10 minutes, you can rewrite an email, build a pitch or write a mediocre sequel to Harry Potter. These tools only increase the world […]


Do you remember when cars first started getting popular? The look. The feel. The curves. Everything was crafted with such precision. I imagine a designer spending all day on one eloquently spaceship-like dashboard button. It was an art form, it was beautiful, it was the future. Do you remember when Apple first started getting popular? […]

Pig’s Milk.

Most coffee shops serve just about everything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and burgers. Howard Schultz did it differently. He opened up a coffee shop with narrow focus. This focus strengthened the brand. Today this coffee shop chain is worth over 85 billion dollars.  Starbucks. Most Deli’s serve just about everything. Hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches […]

Run like a rhino.

Rhinos can run over 30 miles an hour but are unable to recognize objects at 30 feet ahead.   Do you know what type of audacity you’d have to run 30 miles an hour without being able to see to 30 feet ahead of you? See but a rhino doesn’t think like this.When a rhino […]

Secret Sauce.

Every chef has a secret sauce. Certain complementary spices blend together to provide a new flavor, and one thing is for sure—it’s too good be shared with mediocre chefs of less talent. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. A few rusty bones or a couple dead bodies.  The smell is loathsome, and one thing is for […]